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Individuals with hearing impairments often use some combination of lip-reading, sign language, and amplification to understand spoken information. People who are deaf from birth generally have more difficulty speaking and understanding the structure of language than those who lost their hearing later in life. In a job setting, everyday noises -- fans and lights -- that are not a bother to hearing people, may have a profound effect on the ability of people with hearing impairments.

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Capitalizing on CapABILITIES Blog

BMO Study: “Misunderstandings about Ability”

As reported by Marketwire Canada, a recent BMO (Bank of Montreal) study suggests that many small business owners continue to ignore the talent of persons with disabilities. In fact the study indicates that in 2013 less than a third of small business owners hired a person with a disability. In addition, 69% of the employers surveyed have never hired a person with a visible or non-visible disability. The report and article question this slow growth despite evidence that “people with disabilities are more engaged, more productive, and more loyal to their employers than the general workforce” (Marketwire).

Discussing the report, Sonya Kunkel, Managing Director of Diversity at BMO Financial Group, commented, “We're missing a wonderful opportunity to improve our businesses and the lives of Canadians who can't find work because of unfounded myths and misunderstandings about their capabilities”

DREN recognizes this gap between these “misunderstandings” and a person’s ability.  Our upcoming Capitalizing on CapABILITIES conference engages local business and employment services in a conversation to promote abilities.

Read the Marketwire article here: https://newsroom.bmo.com/press-releases/bmo-survey-more-than-half-of-small-businesses-hav-tsx-bmo-201210020823074001

Sources: BMO Financial Group; Marketwire