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Individuals with hearing impairments often use some combination of lip-reading, sign language, and amplification to understand spoken information. People who are deaf from birth generally have more difficulty speaking and understanding the structure of language than those who lost their hearing later in life. In a job setting, everyday noises -- fans and lights -- that are not a bother to hearing people, may have a profound effect on the ability of people with hearing impairments.

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Executive Assistant/Bookkeeper

Ubique Networks Inc. - Whitby,
Posted Monday March, 19th

School Bus Driver - Ajax

First Student - Ajax,
Posted Thursday February, 8th

Wireless Sales Manager (Loblaw)

The Mobile Shop - Uxbridge,
Posted Thursday January, 4th

Capitalizing on CapABILITIES Blog

Business is discovering the business advantage of accessibility. Accessible tourism, accessible technology, accessible housing, accessible transportation...the list goes on.

This area within our website is populated with industry news, articles and reports that prove accessible businesses not only increase their bottom-line but have a competitive advantage in attracting a diverse workforce. 

Businesses in Durham Region get it!

Moving the conversation into action

With the beginning of a New Year it is common to see lists of top ten, best and worse, and winners and losers for the year that’s come to a close. Here at DREN we like to concentrate on the positive and have noted a number of milestones in the move toward greater accessibility in Durham Region:


Federal panel delivers report on employment of persons with disabilities

Canadian corporations do seem to want to hire people with disabilities, but aren’t sure how to go about it, according to a member of the federal Panel on Labour Market Opportunities for Persons with Disabilities.


The Conversation about Accessibility has gone Mainstream

Thank You to everyone who made the Capitalizing on CapABILITIES Conference a success. Let's keep the conversation going.

We also have added some pictures of the conference on our Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/DRENnews Check us out and by all means LIKE us.


Accommodation: It’s about “reasonable compromise.”

Recently, we read a newspaper column that we felt gave a harsh and incomplete explanation of an employer’s duty to accommodate. two people talking

Speaking of employees with addictions, depression, and other mental  health problems, the writer said employers “…have obligations to accommodate them despite the cost.” 

We believed this interpretation was misleading and warranted further explanation, so we asked Lawrence Conmigo, employment lawyer with Durham Community Legal Clinic, to explain the duty further:


Dare to be dazzled!

There can be no doubt now that a conversation about opening our workplaces to people with disabilities has started in Durham.

This is good timing, considering that today is the United Nations’ International Day of People with Disabilities.