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Accommodations for people with low vision include providing seating where the lighting best meets their individual needs; making brochures, job announcements, and other information available in electronic format; and equipping computers with large monitors and screen enlargement software.

Most Recent Jobs

Executive Assistant/Bookkeeper

Ubique Networks Inc. - Whitby,
Posted Monday March, 19th

School Bus Driver - Ajax

First Student - Ajax,
Posted Thursday February, 8th

Wireless Sales Manager (Loblaw)

The Mobile Shop - Uxbridge,
Posted Thursday January, 4th

Capitalizing on CapABILITIES Blog

Business is discovering the business advantage of accessibility. Accessible tourism, accessible technology, accessible housing, accessible transportation...the list goes on.

This area within our website is populated with industry news, articles and reports that prove accessible businesses not only increase their bottom-line but have a competitive advantage in attracting a diverse workforce. 

Businesses in Durham Region get it!

Durham College Gets It!

Ask any employer – hiring the right person is all about good fit.

That is how it is for Darrin Caron, dean of Durham College’s School of Skilled Trades, Apprenticeship and Renewable Technology. As dean, he hires instructors for the school’s youth apprenticeship program, a role not every trades person is suited for.


Hiring effective, loyal employees

Members of the employers’ panel at the Capitalizing on CapABILITIES conference are successful business people and administrators first. If an idea doesn’t increase revenues or productivity, it doesn’t fly with Darrin Caron, Jonathon Boville, or Tom Scholtz.

So, when we hear that they have won awards at the annual EmployABILITY Gala hosted by the Durham Region Employment Network, we know what they did was good for their organizations. Together, they represent a post -secondary education institution, a popular restaurant, and a multi-national home improvement retailer.


"It’s a question of finding the right job for each person’s abilities"

Garfield Mitchell looks at things differently, when it comes to hiring people.

The kitchen manager and chef at Eastside Mario’s on Harmony St., in Oshawa, sees a mixture of aptitudes and characteristics in everyone.


Grow your business by being accessible

Making our businesses accessible to people of all abilities makes sense. It also makes cents.

The Ontario government says 15.5% of the province’s population has a disability of some form. This figure represents a largely untapped pool of employment potential that could be helping businesses grow. And the collective spending power of Canadians with disabilities is staggering: $25 billion annually, according to RBC.


Give “the most memorable visitor experience possible”

The spotlight this year was on the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games, but there was another chase for the gold that involved a Canadian team earlier this year.

The event was the VisitEngland Awards for Excellence, The Access for All Tourism Award, which recognizes businesses that provide exceptional access for all visitors. The Canadian connection involved the University of Leeds campus accommodations, which played host to our Paralympic rugby team. Their performance as an accommodating host earned the campus a spot as finalist in the event.