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Individuals with hearing impairments often use some combination of lip-reading, sign language, and amplification to understand spoken information. People who are deaf from birth generally have more difficulty speaking and understanding the structure of language than those who lost their hearing later in life. In a job setting, everyday noises -- fans and lights -- that are not a bother to hearing people, may have a profound effect on the ability of people with hearing impairments.

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Capitalizing on CapABILITIES Blog

Business is discovering the business advantage of accessibility. Accessible tourism, accessible technology, accessible housing, accessible transportation...the list goes on.

This area within our website is populated with industry news, articles and reports that prove accessible businesses not only increase their bottom-line but have a competitive advantage in attracting a diverse workforce. 

Businesses in Durham Region get it!

Jeff Adams: Revamping perceptions of disablility

Jeff Adams’ accomplishments are so amazing, that it’s easy to forget his underlying message.

He’s a three-time Olympian, five-time Paralympian, and six-time World Champion in wheelchair sports. Jeff has appeared in television commercials, acted as a global spokesperson for multinational corporations, and regularly works as a journalist and commentator for media. He’s also an incredibly personable and articulate young man who is a popular public speaker. He was Chair of the Accessibility Committee for the Toronto 2008 Olympic Bid Committee, and is Chair of the Ontarians with Disability Advisory Council. When he’s not doing all this, he does things like climbing the 1776 stairs of Toronto's CN Tower in a specially designed wheelchair to increase awareness of the need for accessibility.


BMO survey finds recruiting, not the economy, is the problem

Given the gloomy economic forecasts that have dogged Canada over the past year, you might think the biggest challenge facing small business owners is increasing revenue or managing costs.

You would be wrong, according to a poll released this week by BMO.

Of 500 business owners polled in a telephone survey, 47 per cent said they find it harder to attract new talent now than before the economic downturn. Generally, small business owners identified attracting and keeping employees as their biggest short-and long-term challenge.



Master of Ceremonies knows business and accessibility

We could not have found a better master of ceremonies for our Capitalizing on CapABILITIES conference than Tera Hill.

Tera’s business credentials are solid. The company she founded six years ago, Barnies Horse and Pet Treats, now has market share across the country, is expanding into the U.S., and will introduce yet another product before the end of this year.


Better productivity and satisfied customers!

Today, more and more businesses are becoming accessible to their employees and the customers they serve. Accessibility not only benefits those who are accommodated - it helps the businesses, themselves, by increasing productivity and satisfying customers.

So what is “accessibility”, anyway? “Accessibility” refers to how easily a product, service, environment or facility can be used by all people, within the widest range of abilities.


New Technology opens workplaces and businesses

The flow of new, innovative communications technology affects us all, especially in the workplace.

Take, for example, the new hearing aid compatible technology introduced recently at the Bellevue Arts Museum in Washington State. Thanks to the installation of the “hearing loop”, as it is called, art lovers who use hearing aids can now hear words spoken into a microphone without the problem of background noise. The words are clear and easy to understand.

The same technology holds huge potential for workplaces where background noise is present.