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Individuals with hearing impairments often use some combination of lip-reading, sign language, and amplification to understand spoken information. People who are deaf from birth generally have more difficulty speaking and understanding the structure of language than those who lost their hearing later in life. In a job setting, everyday noises -- fans and lights -- that are not a bother to hearing people, may have a profound effect on the ability of people with hearing impairments.

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Executive Assistant/Bookkeeper

Ubique Networks Inc. - Whitby,
Posted Monday March, 19th

School Bus Driver - Ajax

First Student - Ajax,
Posted Thursday February, 8th

Wireless Sales Manager (Loblaw)

The Mobile Shop - Uxbridge,
Posted Thursday January, 4th

Capitalizing on CapABILITIES Blog

Business is discovering the business advantage of accessibility. Accessible tourism, accessible technology, accessible housing, accessible transportation...the list goes on.

This area within our website is populated with industry news, articles and reports that prove accessible businesses not only increase their bottom-line but have a competitive advantage in attracting a diverse workforce. 

Businesses in Durham Region get it!

Little Things Make the Difference

The Hy-Tea Teahouse Restaurant by the Lake shows it doesn’t always take bricks and mortar to make a business more accessible.
Hyacinth Niles, owner of the teahouse in Pickering’s Nautical Village, wishes the front entrance of her business was wheelchair accessible. Unfortunately, building regulations rule this out. That hasn’t stopped her, though, from implementing a number of other measures that open her business to more clients of all ages.


Enjoy an award-winning employee with that double double!

"There's a fear involved in hiring a person with a disability. And a lot of that fear is based on myths" Mark Wafer

Golden years bring golden business opportunities

The term “golden years” brings different thoughts to different people: the lyrics of a David Bowie song, the title of a Stephen King novel, or an Ontario resort north of Peterborough, are just a few.

For people in business, however, golden years should mean golden opportunities and a growing golden market.


Durham Tourism is proud to support the Durham Region Employment Network

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Durham Tourism is proud to support the Durham Region Employment Network in hosting the Capitalizing on Capabilities event on Nov. 30. As Durham Region prepares for the 2015 Pan-Am and Parapan-Am Games, Durham Tourism is committed to helping tourism operators turn accessibility investments into a competitive advantage.


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Whitby Economic Development Office is eager to partner with Capitalizing on Capabilities.