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Did You Know...

Accommodations for people with low vision include providing seating where the lighting best meets their individual needs; making brochures, job announcements, and other information available in electronic format; and equipping computers with large monitors and screen enlargement software.

Most Recent Jobs

In Home Caregiver

Rey Viel Richard Chico - Ajax,
Posted Tuesday October, 10th

Team Lead, Customer Sales & Service Representative

Abilities Centre - Whitby,
Posted Tuesday October, 10th

Dental Assistant

Amberlea - Pickering,
Posted Monday October, 2nd

Our Network

Vision Statement

DREN envisions a community where employment is accessible to all!


Our Members Believe:

  • Employment is an integral part of community life and personal identity.
  • In the right to belong through work.
  • People with disabilities are included in employment.

Members are committed to:

  • Overcoming unemployment, regardless of barrier.
  • Interagency cooperation, education and training.
  • Conducting all aspects of our contact with clients, employers and each other, responsibly, professionally and respectfully.
  • Working with others to streamline services to clients, employers and the community.
  • Developing, participating in and promoting collaborative efforts within the network.
  • Recognizing and celebrating excellence in employment partnerships.

To become a DREN member:

  • your service must promote and work towards employment that is accessible to all

and Agree to:

  • Promote the priniciples of DREN.
  • Pay yearly membership fees.
  • Attend networking events and opportunities.
  • Share information on possible employment solutions.
  • Actively participate.

Contact us at 905-720-1777 for a membership application.

DREN Membership List 2016-17

 Employment Services

See our extensive list of member employment services here: www.dren.org/employment-service

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